We help our clients establish and maintain business advantage.


Blu Skye provides insight to focus on what matters. Our expertise spans more than 15 years experience working with some of the worlds leading companies and industries. We deliver results through a strategic lens of sustainability. Blu Skye's core service offerings include Strategy Development, Strategy Execution Support, and Organization Development. We have refined methodologies specific for work with single organizations, groups of organizations within one industry, and groups of organizations making up single supply chain systems. We work with for-profit corporations, Non Governmental Organizations, and governments. 


We focus on results and don't forget that the work needed to develop a plan isn't the same -

or as critical - as the work needed to execute on that plan.


Blu Skye's founder, Jib Ellison, explains how sustainability is the greatest source of competitive advantage of the 21st century.


"Mr. Humes, a Pulitzer Prize winner in 1989 for articles about the military, tells how Jib Ellison, a onetime California river-rafting guide, all but singlehandedly persuaded Wal-Mart to embrace sustainability as part of its core culture. Starting with a meeting in 2004 with H. Lee Scott Jr., then Wal-Mart’s chief executive, Mr. Ellison demonstrated that sustainability wasn’t just tree-hugger talk. In its simplest form, sustainability means eliminating waste. And eliminating waste saves money. That got Mr. Scott’s attention."