William McDonough



William McDonough is a designer, a global leader in sustainable development, and Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Meta-Council on the Circular Economy. For more than 40 years, McDonough—through McDonough Innovation; William McDonough + Partners, Architects; and MBDC—has defined the principles sustainability. In 2002, McDonough and Michael Braungart co-authored Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things, a seminal text of the sustainability movement; this was followed by The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability—Designing for Abundance (2013). McDonough has received the Presidential Award for Sustainable Development (1996), the first U.S. EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award (2003), and the National Design Award (2004). In 2007, McDonough and Brad Pitt co-founded the Make It Right Foundation. In 2009, he and Braungart co-founded the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. In 2012, McDonough became the subject of Stanford University Libraries’ first Living Archive.