Miguel Nieto Cifuentes has three majors in Economics, Psychology and Neuroscience from Macalester College in the US, as well as graduate studies in Environmental Entrepreneurship, from the Universidad del Medio Ambiente in Mexico. In the US, he has worked for Deloitte Consulting focusing on supply chain management and strategic sourcing and procurement, as well as for Blu Skye Consulting where he modeled shipping savings for one of the top players in the world of retail for office supplies. In Latin America and the Caribbean, he worked for World Bank Group at International Finance Corporation assisting the region in cleaner production efforts focused on the heavier industries, as well as promoting the financial support for energy savings and renewable energy projects, working with leadership from the region’s top banks and other financial institutions, as well as with leadership from the region’s top energy companies and ESCOs.

Miguel has also worked independently as an advisor assisting companies such as Unilever and Fedex with issues of strategic and operational sustainability. He has also led the start-up of Mexican companies dedicated to b2b water management and treatment, sustainable energy, as well as in the waste heat recovery business.