Ellie Moss



As a Principal at Blu Skye, Ellie works in partnership with clients to craft and execute strategic initiatives and transformational business plans. Ellie is passionate about finding innovative, market-based solutions to solve environmental problems and make businesses more sustainable.

In Ellie's most recent client engagement she advised a consumer products manufacturer on a strategic transparency strategy, which includes a strong focus on sustainability.

Ellie has also worked with Microsoft to help them develop their internal sustainability strategy as well as their partner strategy for sustainability, and she has supported capacity-building for Microsoft’s Environmental Sustainability Leads worldwide.

Prior to joining Blu Skye, Ellie was a Project Leader with The Boston Consulting Group in the Washington D.C. office where she worked across a range of industries including retail, technology, telecom and non-profit. Ellie’s work in sustainability began during business school working with Common Good Ventures to develop a strategic growth plan for a social enterprise business in sustainable agriculture. Ellie is also a co-founder of TerraPass, a provider of carbon offsets to consumers and businesses through a diverse portfolio of certified offset projects.

Ellie finds continued inspiration for her work in her family, especially her young sons Emerson and Ethan. She feels very lucky to have a job that allows her a position of great leverage to affect the change she feels is needed in the world. Ellie invigorates and restores herself through teaching and practicing yoga and getting outdoors every chance she gets. Ellie also loves the simple joys in life, such as drinking beer she brewed herself.

photograph by Quincey Imhoff