Finding sustainable value for a global retailer


Our client's initial request was for an environmental footprint to help them understand their risks. We proposed looking at the environment as a chance to lead, and develop a business strategy using sustainability as a lens to reveal hidden opportunities to create value.

Our Role:

  • Developed high-level footprint for direct operations, supply chain, and products using an input output based model for consumer goods.
  • Developed and facilitated strategic business process planning that included key leaders and a wide range of external stakeholders and resulted in plans to ‘lead’ or ‘compete’ in 14 areas.
  • Created ‘sustainable value networks’ with suppliers, NGOs, academics, and other stakeholders to implement strategies and develop new innovations.


  • Project implementation has resulted in >$300M in ROI (revenue enhancement and cost reduction).
  • Met or exceeded stretch goals around in-store and truck efficiency (between 2005 & 2008, our client increased trucking efficiency by 38%, with plans to have it doubled by 2015).
  • Drove product innovation and supply chain transformations in fish, jewelry, textiles, electronics, and other categories.  (e.g. our client is working toward making all of its appliances Energy Star-rated).
  • Created a source of competitive advantage to recruit and retain key leaders.  Successfully differentiated our client in the marketplace.