Nutritional Leadership Strategy Summit - Aligning an executive team around a vision for healthy food


•A food retailer approached Blu Skye for help in rapidly framing a strategy to improve the health of their employees and customers by improving the nutritional content of the American diet.

Our role:

•We designed and facilitated a one-day working meeting with the company’s food merchants and a selected group of 10 nutrition experts and advocates including Kelly Brownell, Marion Nestle, David Ludwig, Michael Jacobson, Barbara Rolls, and Hank Cardello. 

•The meeting engaged the group in defining the issues related to food and nutrition which, if addressed, would have the biggest impact on health; identifying the actions the company could take that would make a difference in these issue areas; and developing leadership strategies in 6 key areas arising from the brainstorm.   The company’s executives then created an action plan for implementation.


•The highly successful session resulted in an aligned executive team supporting action plans which are currently being implemented in several areas including:

•Driving improvement in formulation of private brands processed foods to reduce sodium, added sugar and trans fats and to increase fruit and vegetables

•Driving affordability, quality, and convenience of fresh produce products

Customer and employee education and communication about healthy eating