Microsoft Sustainability Strategy - Rolling Sustainability Initiatives out to global subsidiaries


•Microsoft had committed to rolling out a series of sustainability initiatives to its global network of field offices, including ambitious global carbon footprint reductions for each of the next three years. To be successful, the company needed to enable the local markets to effectively execute on these initiatives. Our role was to help empower their global team of environmental sustainability leads, some of whom had minimal experience with sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, to deliver against company targets.

Our Role:


•Our goal was to create a group of energized leaders, equipped with the tools to successfully execute the sustainability initiatives and achieve ambitious carbon reduction targets. 

•Together with Microsoft, we created a three-pronged approach to reach this goal:

1.Establish a governance and reporting structure

2.Provide the necessary tools and training

3.Create momentum by fostering leadership skills and strong connections within the group


•Helped Microsoft establish a structure to provide ongoing guidance and support to the global team

•Co-created a three-day training summit for the environmental sustainability leads. This summit, which we co-led and facilitated, received outstanding feedback: 91% of participants rated it as “highly successful” in preparing them to execute against the company-wide targets.