Leading Magazine Distributor - Radically reducing waste in a publishing supply chain


•Our client has a wide range of businesses including distribution and merchandising for music, video, books, and magazines as well as design, manufacturing and marketing of picture frames.  For four businesses, the client wanted a comprehensive sustainability strategy that would drive innovation and proactively prepare for a future where customers and other stakeholders would increasingly care about sustainability.

Our Role:

•Strategy development

–Analyzed the four businesses including environmental footprint, operational practices, strengths and opportunities

–Developed a recommended vision and strategy that included a portfolio of incremental and break-through initiatives

•Designed and conducted an executive choice meeting that brought together the leaders of the overall company and the four businesses

•Strategy implementation

–Facilitated a multi-stakeholder process to improve industry supply chain, reduce waste and improve sales for the magazine industry

–Helped launch sustainable operations activities

–Assisted with governance and metrics to track performance

–Assisted with identifying and screening new business opportunities


•Tens of millions of dollars of savings through reducing waste in the magazine industry

•Implemented a wide range of initiatives that have achieved sustainability and business benefits across the four businesses