Large Entertainment Company - Using sustainability as an enabler in a rapidly changing environment


•A large entertainment company wanted to pursue sustainability and needed to understand the implications for its business.  The company had a strong environmental compliance team, were ISO 14001 certified, were beginning voluntary carbon audits of productions, and were building a LEED-certified addition to the lot. However, it lacked an integrated sustainability strategy and the issue was not on the CEO’s radar.  The organization sought a compelling recommendation for why, where, and how to play at a corporate level (within the pictures division).

Our Role:

•Performed a 10-week strategy assessment that consisted of a stakeholder analysis, footprint assessment, and competitor benchmarking.

•Developed recommendations around 3 main areas:

–Sourcing areas within printing and distribution that provided economic and strategic advantage to minimize cost, carbon, water, waste, and toxicity by driving digital distribution

–Finding practices on production and set demolition which, if changed, could influence talent and lower production costs

–Discovering new ways to expand audiences for movies through non-profit and merchandise tie-ins to sustainability themes in movies



•CEO engagement: The CEO, impressed and engaged with the recommendations, sanctioned and chaired an Executive Steering Committee to organize the cross-corporate effort, set clear targets, and start working on quick wins and innovation projects.