Global Apparel and Footwear Company - Envisioning a future of viable closed-loop material flows


•In order to focus the efforts of their internal venture team in creating systemic change, our client wanted to understand what the world might look like at a time when 100% postconsumer take-back business models are viable.

Our Role:

•Scenario Planning – developed a point of view around the logic, drivers, key players, and value created in a post-consumer take back future, by:

–Developing, testing, and refining a set of key uncertainties and hypotheses to shape scenarios

–Iterating scenarios through interviews with industry experts and futurists, and developing insights and implications for our client

•Mapping Opportunities for Investment strategy

–Mapped spectrum of outcomes for our client based on the economic, social, political, and brand thresholds required to tip the scale towards a take-back future

–Developed preliminary set of opportunities for our client to invest/partner to shape a future that meets their and the worlds’ needs

–Ranked opportunities based on impact and ease of implementation. Examined at a high level, their financial and intangible value, and bucketed opportunities along a pathway optimizing value and impact


•Our client understands the marketplace in a way that is allowing them to make smarter investment decisions and plan for the future along a roadmap that we developed

•Our client holds key information on the driving forces and enabling factors that will shape the take-back future in 2030 and is aware of quick wins, innovative projects and game changing moves they can take to effect broader system change and be an industry leader on this effort