University of Arkansas Applied Sustainability Center - Creating the strategy for excellence


•Granted $1.5m in seed funding from a foundation, the leadership of the sustainability center needed to start delivering results while also creating a long-term strategy and vision for their organization

Our Role:

•We assessed the Center’s strengths and mapped them against the current landscape of sustainability centers to identify the optimal role for the Center.

•In a nimble and interactive process, we helped the Center to identify its vision, mission and strategy and to create a strategic plan for its first 3 years.

•Beyond advising the Center on its strategy, Blu Skye also helped implement the strategic plan over one year; we supported the Center in developing and testing an innovation methodology, partnered with the center in designing and facilitating a food industry innovation summit, and helped steer the Center’s fundraising program for a food industry life cycle analysis and innovation project.



•The Center is successfully launched and has become recognized as one of the top university-based sustainability centers in the country.

•Launched major food/agriculture LCA project that will help meet the anticipated demand for measuring the food industry’s environmental impact; the Center is on path to obtain full funding and finalize a board of advisors.

•In partnership with another university, the Center co-directs an industry consortium, a group representing government, NGO, academic and business interests that is developing the standards to be used to rate the sustainable attributes of products.