10 in 2 - Week of February 19 - the most toxic community in America

This is your 10 in 2 for the week of February 19th



...so here we go:


  1. Peru has moved to protect ‘one of the last great intact forests’. While the United States may be weakening protections for wilderness (See Bears Ears, etc), the creation of Yaguas National Park protects millions of acres of wilderness - and the indigenous people who rely on it - from development and deforestation. (NYT)

  2. A study conducted by EPA scientists found that minority and poorer communities are disproportionately affected by air pollution relative to the overall population. The findings by five EPA scientists, published Thursday in the American Journal of Public Health, found that when looking at areas most affected by particulate air emissions, like soot, there were large disparities between communities differentiated by color and social strata. I’ve brought this subject up on this podcast before, and I plan to keep doing so until something changes. (The Hill)

  3. The Appalachian Trail is under threat by a proposed 300 mile natural gas pipeline called the Mountain Valley Pipeline, or MVP. The threat comes from the suggested 125 foot wide clearing that would need to take place on either side of the pipeline making the width roughly the size of a 12 line highway. Luckily there are no other threats, because no pipeline has ever leaked, as we all know. (Common Dreams)

  4. Fishing activity now covers at least 55 percent of the world's oceans -- four times the land area covered by agriculture -- and can now be monitored, in near real time, to the level of individual vessels thanks to the work of Christopher Costello, a professor at UCSB's Bren School of Environmental Science & Management. Costello says "This new real-time dataset will be instrumental in designing improved management of the world's oceans that is good for the fish, ecosystems and fishermen." (Science Daily)

  5. It’s 2018, and black lung disease is on the rise in Appalachia. Researchers from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) looked at three federally funded clinics between 2013 and 2017 and documented the largest cluster of advanced black lung disease — ever.

  6. To the untrained eye, the website for the Mass Coalition for Sustainable Energy looks like just another Massachusetts-based advocacy group. It’s not clear that the site is actually sponsored by major energy and utility companies seeking to build more gas pipelines in the region. Putting together coalitions to promote interests is fine (I guess), but just don’t hide it, guys.

  7. The state of California and two Canadian provinces kicked off a cross-border auction of greenhouse gas emission credits on Wednesday, their first joint effort to buy and sell in the "cap and trade" market to fight global warming. (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

  8. The remote town of Kotzebue, Alaska, has a surprising secret. Kotzebue was the most toxic community in America thanks to leaking or dumping an astonishing 756 million pounds of toxic chemicals into the environment, as detailed in a little-known EPA dataset called the Toxics Release Inventory . Pamela Miller, the director of an Anchorage based community action advocacy group said “I think these lands are going to be contaminated for the foreseeable future. It’s a big concern, because many people in that area depend on subsistence food.” (National Geographic)

  9. The Wind Catcher Energy Connection project, which includes a massive 800-turbine wind farm under construction in the Oklahoma panhandle, is getting closer to lift-off. The Wind Catcher facility, developed by Invenergy, will be the largest single-site wind farm in the U.S. once complete. (EcoWatch)

  10. And lastly, we’re going on out on a high note this week, for once. The government of the Seychelles has created two new marine protected areas in the country's remote Indian Ocean archipelago. The sanctioned areas will cover more than 81,000 square miles—a swath of space about the size of Great Britain.


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