10 in 2 - Week of August 21st - bad for the land dwellers


  • This is our 10 in 2 report for the week of August 21st

  • 10 news stories from the week that think are important, interesting, or infuriating


...so here we go:


  1. Alaska’s permafrost is thawing. The loss of frozen ground in Arctic regions is a striking result of climate change. And it is also a cause of more warming to come. Worldwide, permafrost is thought to contain about twice as much carbon as is currently in the atmosphere. (NYT)

  2. China has already reached its solar energy installation target for 2020, reaffirming its position as the largest producer of solar power on earth. In the last two months alone, China has added 24.02 GW of solar capacity. To put that into context, The US currently has a total capacity of 44.7 GW. (Futurism)

  3. Ahead of the launch of iOS 11 this fall, Apple has published a research paper detailing its methods for improving Siri to make the voice assistant sound more natural, with the help of machine learning. Jib is ultimate Siri hater, so I will let you know if this update can get him back on board. (The Next Web)

  4. The first American settlers cut down millions of trees to deliberately engineer climate change. After being disappointed by the harsh climate of the new world, they tried to make the northeast more temperate through deforestation in an effort to woo more colonists. Oh, humans. (Timeline)

  5. Nine states agreed on a plan Wednesday to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent by 2030. The pact includes New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. (Washington Examiner)

  6. Brazil's government has abolished a vast national reserve in the Amazon to open up the area to mining. The reserve is larger than Denmark and about 30% of it will now be open to mining on previously protected indigenous lands. WWF's report on the project said that a "gold rush in the region could create irreversible damage to these cultures". (The Guardian)

  7. A Russian tanker has traveled through the northern sea route in record speed and without an icebreaker escort for the very first time, highlighting how climate change is opening up the high Arctic. (The Guardian)

  8. A stunning chart from NASA shows that the ground beneath our feet is warming twice as fast as oceans. In the past sixty years, land temperatures have risen at a rate of nearly  one half of a degree per decade. Good thing we live in the oceans. I feel bad for the land dwellers. (ThinkProgress)

  9. Your personal information is now the world's most valuable commodity. These huge amounts of data are controlled by just 5 global mega-corporations that are bigger than most governments. Traditionally, antitrust regulators would step in, but the data economy is presenting new challenges to that model. (CBC)

  10. Now that they own the Whole Foods, Amazon is begging to lower the prices at the chain, beginning next week. I am pretty curious about what we will call the store, now that dads who laugh at their own jokes may no longer be able to call it “whole paycheck”. (Next Big Future)

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