10 in 2 - Week of July 10th - The Dukes of Hazardous Waste

  • This is our 10 in 2 report for the week of July 10th

  • 10 news stories from the week that think are important, interesting, or infuriating, provided in about 2 minutes with links to the full stories found on our website.


...so here we go:


  1. Family-size in-flight bacon burger. New research shows that the most effective individual steps to tackle climate change aren't being discussed. They list four important things: eating a plant-based diet, avoiding air travel, living car-free, and having smaller families. The researchers “hope this information sparks discussion and empowers individuals.” (phys.org)

  2. Do as the Romans do. A New York man built a small food pantry in his yard to help hungry neighbors. Roman Espinoza calls it his “blessing box” The pantry has nonperishable food items and toiletries available for anyone to take, any time of the day, and is reminiscent of those tiny libraries that have been popping up in neighborhoods across the US. (CNN)

  3. Martial blah. Leaked documents and public records reveal a troubling fusion of private security, public law enforcement, and corporate money in the fight over the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Intercept did some amazing reporting that outlines the use of private security firm TigerSwan and it’s soldiers to disrupt the water protectors mission and reputation. (The Intercept)

  4. Calve your cake and eat it too. One of the biggest icebergs recorded in history, twice the volume of North America's Lake Erie, has calved away from the Larsen C ice shelf. We have mentioned this in past episodes, but the thing finally broke loose. It is worth repeating, because there are 32 countries that are smaller than this ice shelf. (Twitter)

  5. Dukes of Hazardous Waste. The state of Texas imposed penalties on less than 3 percent of illegal air pollution releases during industrial malfunctions and maintenance from 2011 through 2016, even though these incidents emitted more than 500 million pounds of pollutants. The lack of enforcement means that the owners are less likely to invest money to upgrade and repair known problems. (Environment Texas)

  6. Don’t be deterred. A new report from Global Witness warns of escalating violence against conservationists and protestors, from the U.S. to Africa and beyond. At least 200 people were murdered last year for protecting the land, water, and wildlife in their communities, including five park rangers in Africa’s Virunga National Park. (National Geographic)

  7. All work and no play calling. The top-tier artificial intelligence researchers are getting paid the salaries of NFL quarterbacks, which tells you the demand and the perceived value. Tom Eck, CTO of industry platforms at IBM said “Right now, AI is an elitist sport – there are very few people who know how to practice it.” (EFC)

  8. Juneau what? An Italian multinational oil and gas company has received permission to move ahead with drilling plans in federal waters off Alaska which environmental campaigners say will endanger polar bears, bowhead whales and other marine mammals. Not great news, but at least the permit does not authorize the company to produce oil yet. (The Guardian)

  9. ReFED up. Yesterday I had lunch at the high-tech healthy food joint, Eatsa, with Chris Cochrane, Executive Director of ReFED. The new non-profit is committed to reducing US food waste by 20% within a decade and has developed a comprehensive and practical roadmap to get there. This is one sustainability goal that I can’t imagine anyone being against and Chris is just the sort of leader to get it done.(ReFED)

  10. Podcast of the Week. My illustrious colleague and 10 in 2 report producer, Zach Winter, is really into this podcasting thing and he’s inspired me to listen to all sorts of interesting stuff. Periodically, we’ll share our favorite from the week. This week I invite you to listen to Sam Harris’ interview of historian Timothy Snyder where they discuss Dr. Snyder’s recent book On Tyranny. For anyone who believes in fact based decisions and the slippery political slope associated with spin, lies and propaganda, this is a must listen. (Waking Up with Sam Harris)

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