22nd Century Leadership - A conversation between Jib Ellison and Paul Dolan

This week’s pod is the first in a new conversation series between Jib Ellison, CEO and Founder of Blu Skye and other sustainability leaders discussing life, liberty and the pursuit of a beautiful future. We’re not sure what we are calling the series yet, but for now, let’s call it “22nd Century Leadership”.

This week Jib interviews Paul Dolan.


Paul is a neighbor of ours here in northern California, and he’s been called the grandfather of biodynamics and a pioneer of organic agricultural. 

Along with his 2 sons, Paul runs and manages their family farming operations and wineries in Sonoma and Mendocino counties in Northern California.

He is chairman of the board for Demeter USA, an biodynamic certification organization committed to aligning leading biodynamic farmers with progressive retailers in order to develop consumer driven brands and products.

As a 4th generation winemaker (and, later, president) at Fetzer Vineyards, Paul helped oversee its transition from a small family-owned winery to realizing his vision for Fetzer"...to be recognized as the environmentally, and socially conscious winery, committed to making the highest quality, best valued wines in the world."

He served on the boards of the Wine Institute and Business for Social Responsibility. He participated on President Clinton's Council on Sustainable Business, The Climate Group and he chaired the California Sustainable Alliance Board and the California Wine Institute.

He is a founder of Wine Vision which resulted in the world's first self-assessment guide to sustainable business practices.

 Paul co- authored the book " True to Our Roots- Fermenting a Business Revolution.”

Paul currently advocates for the creation of a new contextual framework for farming- a shift from the current industrial model to a regenerative system designed to build resilience and vitality into the farm.

So, enjoy this conversation between Paul and Jib here at our office in Healdsburg, California.

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