10 in 2 - Week of June 19th - campaign finance, fake news, coal and executive egos

  • This is our 10 in 2 report for the week of June 19th

  • 10 news stories from the week that think are important, interesting, or crazy, provided in about 2 minutes with links to the full stories found on our website.


...so here we go:

  1. Reboot. On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times reported on a 6.8 earthquake that struck Santa Barbara at 4:51pm. The only problem was, the Journalist who did the reporting was an algorithm called Quakebot, and the earthquake happened in 1925. (Gizmodo)

  2. If one were keeping score… According to Rainforest Action Network’s 8th annual fossil fuel finance report card. Big banks’ investments aren’t aligned with their climate change rhetoric. Led by Asian banks, the amount of D-’s and F’s are shocking. Especially, when the report’s release corresponds with a record setting week of heat throughout the northern hemisphere. (The Guardian) (Weather Underground)

  3. Proof our legal system is working. John Oliver did a hit piece on Robert Murray, CEO of Coal company Murray Energy Corporation. A few days later, Murray sued Oliver and Time Warner for defamation. The complaint notes that Time Warner “is widely reported as a top ten donor of Hillary Clinton.” thus implying the obvious link between campaign finance, fake news, coal and executive egos.. (Law Newz)

  4. Can we blame China? The state of California has again been named by the American Lung Association as the US state with the worst air quality — mostly as a result of having the highest ozone/smog levels out of any state in the country, but also high particle pollution levels. (Clean Technica)

  5. Invasion of the pyrosomes. A rare, tiny marine creature known as the “unicorn of the sea” has swarmed in its millions on the west coast of America, ruining fishermen’s nets and baffling scientists. Seriously, Google “large pyrosome” these things are otherworldly. (Business Insider)

  6. Future of Work. McDonald's shares hit an all-time high on Tuesday as Wall Street expects sales to increase from new digital ordering kiosks that will replace cashiers in 2,500 restaurants. I guess the market likes the where the future of work is headed. The administration has not yet claimed credit for the creation of these new robot jobs.  (CNBC)

  7. More on the future. Microsoft has joined the fray in partnership with Gimlet Creative on a new podcast called .future (dot-future), that aims to tell stories about growing technologies that touch our everyday lives–from the cloud, to gaming, to health–and how the decisions being made today will affect our lives in the future. (Fast Company)

  8. Pulling out the suspenders. The 2017 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy Recipients have been announced in recognition of outstanding and innovative leadership in philanthropy. Honorees include Kris Tompkins for her and her husband, Doug’s, historic hardscrabble work creating parklands in Chile and Argentina. (Carnegie)

  9. Speaking of awards, this week the Corporate Eco Forum honored the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance with its CK Prahalad award. REBA as its known is a grand and successful NGO/private sector collaboration focused on accelerating widespread adoption of renewable energy in the USA. An example of how collaborations are essential to solving wicked problems. (Corporate Eco Forum)

  10. The continued rise of the middle kingdom. The Washington Post argues that China has suddenly become a leader in the climate change movement, not because of a moral duty or to support global collective goals, rather for reasons of national economic development, control of energy infrastructure and global economic competitiveness of Chinese industry (Washington Post)

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