10 in 2 - Week of April 17th

  • This is our 10 in 2 report for the week of April 17th

  • 10 news stories that piqued our interest us this week provided in about 2 minutes with links to the full stories found on our website.

  1. Think the climate isn’t changing radically? Ask someone who lives in the Yukon. The New York Times reports that In the blink of a geological eye, climate change has helped reverse the flow of water melting from a glacier in Canada’s Yukon, a hijacking that scientists call “river piracy.” This engaging term refers to one river capturing and diverting the flow of another. A process that would ordinarily take thousands of years — or more — happened in just a few months in 2016. (NYT)

  2. To make matters worse, according to Scientific American, we just breached the 410 PPM threshold for CO2. Right now we’re on track to create a climate unseen in 50 million years by mid-century. (Scientific American)

  3. This said, never doubt that a small group of companies can change the world. On Wed the world’s largest retailer launched an initiative to work with its suppliers to remove 1 gigaton (that’s 1 billion tons - billion with a B - equivalent of the annual emissions of Germany) of greenhouse gas emissions from its supply chain by 2030. (Greenbiz)

  4. More on the great epistemological question: how do you know you’re not a brain in a vat being manipulated by super scientists to think your life is real? The Wait but Why blog, in an effort to explain exactly what Neuralink, Elon Musk’s new company is, has released a 5 part longform essay that takes us through the history of humanity.  (Wait but Why

  5. Ever wonder why you can only like, comment, or share on Facebook? In a recent episode of his Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris spoke with Design Ethicist, Tristan Harris, about how 99.9% of internet apps are designed to persuade us to spend more ‘time on page’. Together they ponder the implications of this and how app designers might be persuaded themselves to rethink their ethical stance. (Sam Harris - Waking Up)

  6. The scientific method. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson released a video urging Americans to change how they relate to science. He calls it “most important words” he's ever spoken, and who knows, he might be right. (Business Insider), consistent with this...

  7. The global March for Science is Saturday, April 22. Earth day. Find a march in your area at MarchforScience.com.

  8. Where are the jobs? Blowing in the wind. U.S. Wind Industry now employs 100,000 people and job growth is nine times greater than the average industry in this country. (The Washington Post)

  9. Do you really need a $400 wifi connected juicer? If you do, Juicero raised $120 Million in funding to build one. Unfortunately, it turns out that you can just squeeze their proprietary juice packs with your hands and forgo the high technology. (Bloomberg)

  10. Happy Earth Day! Britain’s National Grid tweeted that due to a radical increase in renewable energy over the last 10 years, Britain is all set for the first coal-free day since Industrial Revolution began. (The Guardian)


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