10 in 2 - Week of April 3rd

  • This is the 10 in 2 report for the week of April 3rd

  • 10 news stories that piqued our interest us this week 


1. A Moment of Choice. Yesterday The Bureau of Land Management, which oversees over 200 million acres of public land, swapped out its website’s splash page photo of a young boy and his companion backpacking across a mountain meadow in favor of one showing a massive coal seam. (NPR)


2. The New Children’s Crusade. A nine-year-old girl has filed a lawsuit against the Indian government for failing to take action on climate change. Ridhima Pandey asks the court to order the government to assess industrial projects, prepare a “carbon budget”, and create a national climate recovery plan. (The Guardian)

3. Beer is Proof that God Loves Us. The illustrious Ben Franklin said this and were he around today he’d be smiling about how Carlos Brito, CEO of the world’s largest brewer, AB InBev, pledged to power their global operations with 100% renewable electricity by 2025. The company currently purchases 7% of its electricity from renewable sources. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

4. Nanotech alchemy to reduce suffering. A team of scientists at the University of Manchester have developed a way to use Graphene, the ‘hardest material ever made’ as a molecular sieve to transform seawater into drinking water. (Big Think)

5. Truth or Dare. Pierre Omidyar, the billionaire founder of eBay, pledged $100 million to support investigative journalism and fight "fake news." (CNN

6. Can you say uniformitarían principle? A new study says the combination of atmospheric increases in CO2 and sun intensity increases means that unless we shift direction quickly, we are heading for the warmest climate since 500 billion BC. As the article says, “Nothing like this has been recorded in the rock record for at least 420m years” (The Conversation

7. Help Mr. Wizard. AI, robots and automation could replace humans in the food services industry "by the mid [2020s]," according to the CEO of YUM Brands. This is in direct contrast to comments by the Treasury Secretary who recently said the change would take 50 to 100 years. (CNBC)

8. Truth or Dare redux. Scientists plan to head out of their labs and into the streets to protest on Earth Day, April 22. Science has become a political act. “Ice has no agenda. It just melts.” (The Inquirer)

9. Can you wrap your head around this? We’re bringing it back! The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum switching to solar power in hopes of saving money on energy costs. (SF Gate)

10. The old Switch and Bait. The internet exploded with jokes on the news that Trump donated the first three months of his presidential salary to the National Park Service, putting $78K and change back into a budget that he plans to slash by 1.5 billion. (The Hill

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