Blu Skye Sustainability Report - Week of February 27th

^^Podcast version of this weeks report

  1. Science vs (un)common sense. Earlier this week the ‘science guy’ Bill Nye argued that climate change deniers are delusional, so Tucker Carlson invited him onto FOX news show. The resulting chaos is a perfect snapshot of the current debate or lack thereof. (YouTube

  2. Along these same lines... In his address to the joint session of congress on Tuesday night, Trump had a lot to say about climate change.  *sounds of crickets*

  3. The drum beat for a “Calexit” is getting louder. The blog “Wait But Why” argues that if California were to succeed from the Union, it could innovate a new democracy in the same way that Apple reinvented the phone.  (Wait But Why) As an aside... apparently, the person who coined Calexit lives in Russia. Conspiracies everywhere.

  4. How containers changed the world: a new 8-part podcast by Alexis Madrigal focuses on how global trade has transformed the economy and capitalism by looking through the lens of the Oakland port (iTunes)

  5. Evidence of the Know Do Gap. In 1991, Shell produced a documentary on global warming called Climate of Concern outlining the very outcomes we’re seeing today. Despite this, in the last 26 years Shell, like all fossil fuel companies, has failed to meaningfully shift the trajectory in business or policy. (The Guardian)

  6. It’s Zinfull. Pending legislation would prohibit public schools in Arkansas “from including in its curriculum or course materials or any books authored by or concerning Howard Zinn. Howard is best known for his book, ‘A people’s history of the United States’ that tells America's story from the point of view of America's women, factory workers, African-Americans, Native Americans, working poor, and immigrant laborers (Zinn Education Project)

  7. Trailing best practices...99 Percent Invisible details the art of crafting beautiful wilderness trails, where the “‘natural’ appearance is the byproduct of extremely conscientious design”. (99percentinvisible)

  8. Not a good sign. In an advertised $99 deal for Steve Bannon’s Breitbart readers, an offer called “My Patriot Supply” will overnight an exclusive “4-week survival food supply” kit. Get it while you still can from their online shop. (Breitbart)

  9. Changing the world one cow at a time. Stonyfield, the leader in organic yogurt sales in the US, just became the largest yogurt brand to be certified as a B Corp. At the same time, it announced the creation of a Mission Director focused on changing the world. (Stonyfield)

  10. From the mouths of babes. A fifth grader named Bria came up with an advertising idea for Tesla. The idea caught the eye of Elon Musk on Twitter, and he says they will adopt the plan. (The Next Web)

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