10 in 2 - Week of March 20th



1. The art of Leadership vs. the art of the Deal. Today California’s Air Resouces Board, representing a 12 state coalition and ⅓ of the US car market, voted to uphold the 2025 standard of an average miles-per-gallon of 54.5 in a direct rebuke to the federal administration's plans to ease those regulations. NYT

2. Working toward a future that doesn’t suck. The online periodical Grist named “50 fixers” for 2017. The list features emerging environmental leaders with fresh, forward-thinking solutions to some of humanity's biggest challenges. The featured leaders are saving soil, using comedy to spotlight indigenous rights, coaxing Angelenos onto bikes, and tackling basically everything else. This is the future that liberals want.   (Grist)

3. Enough about the B Team. Got a big idea to defend or improve the world? Start an A-Team (for Activist Team). An organization called Fight for the Future says they will pay you to quit your job and make a difference instead of sitting around wishing things would be different. Now you have no excuse. (Fight for the Future - A teams)

4. The future is now. According to Bloomberg, Store No. 8, Walmart’s new tech incubator in Silicon Valley will focus on “innovation in robotics, virtual and augmented reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence” Soon we’ll be able to think of what we want and experience it frictionlessly. (Bloomberg

5. Buzzkill. The rusty-patched bumblebee, once a common pollinator, has been added to the endangered list after a 90 percent decline in population and habitat in just 20 years. (CBS News

6. Counter intuitive. Futurist Alex Steffen, writing for the blog ‘The Nearly Now’ argues that Donald Trump is the best thing to happen for climate action in years and is actually accelerating the birth of the low carbon economy.  (The Nearly Now

7. Margaret Mead disciples. A ragtag crew of social media celebrities banded together to send food to Somalia. Incredibly, their Go Fund Me campaign raised over $2 million in just five days. Ben Stiller, Turkish Airlines and a host of others are in action. (Love Army for Somalia


8. An Inconvenient Exit. Former Vice President, Al Gore argues that climate change helped cause Brexit and is contributing to political instability around the world. (Independent)

9. Grass Fed M&A. Online meal kit pioneer, Blue Apron just acquired Bill Niman’s Northern California Ranch, hoping to provide low cost, grass fed beef for their customers who have come to expect only the best (in as many individually wrapped packages as possible).  (Eater)

10. Riverdance. New Zealand and India have legally decreed that rivers have the same rights as people. Like citizens and corporations in the USA, the Whanganui and the Ganges Rivers can now own property, petition the courts, and we assume, fight for their rights. (The Economist)


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