10 in 2 (yeah, we already changed the name) - Week of March 6

1. Beetles-be-Dunn. UC Santa Cruz music professor, David Dunn, has designed a device that uses sounds broadcast inside trees to disrupt the feeding, communication, reproduction of bark beetles. (universityofcalifornia.edu)

UC Santa Cruz music professor David Dunn listening to bark beetles.  Credit: Courtesy of David Dunn

UC Santa Cruz music professor David Dunn listening to bark beetles.
Credit: Courtesy of David Dunn

2. If you want to solve a big problem, make it bigger. Sustainable Business pioneer, Paul Hawken, has “The World’s First Comprehensive Plan to Reverse Global Warming”. Hear all about it Wednesday, March 29th at the Applied Innovation Exchange in SF (Eventbrite)

3. When you live on an island with no oil... Electric cars are getting solar roofs. New Priuses in Japan are finally getting the tech that we have always imagined as a no-brainer. (thinkprogress.org)

CREDIT: Panasonic via NewAtlas.com

CREDIT: Panasonic via NewAtlas.com


4. When you live on a continent with lots of oil... Crude oil could be flowing through the Dakota Access Pipeline as early as next week. (NPR)

5. Post-Post Modernism. Los Angeles-based artist, Jennifer Bolande put up photographs on billboards along California’s Interstate 10 en route to Palm Springs. Each billboard is a unique image taken at the site, in an attempt to reconnect the space that the rectangle of the billboard has interrupted. (Juxtapoz)

photo via  Lance Gerber

photo via Lance Gerber


6. Our one Trumpian reference for the week. EPA chief Scott Pruitt says carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to global warming  We pledge to only refer to him by his new name, Scott Prove it.(CNBC)

7. We like low tech solutions. Check out the Oggun... a tractor built using open-source technology and exclusively off-the-shelf parts in Alabama could be revolutionary for small family farmers all around the world. (Greenhorns)


8. Shell game. We gave Shell a hard time last week, but we try to give credit where due. This week CEO Ben van Beurden said,  “This is the biggest challenge we have at the moment as a company ... the fact that societal acceptance of the energy system as we have it is just disappearing.” (independent.co.uk)

9. By all means, deregulate. Everyone is distracted by Trump. We think it is important to focus on that insanity, but just as important to not lose sight the everyday environmental injustices: the water in Flint’s water is still tainted with lead, the great barrier reef is bleaching for and unprecedented second straight year, and fracking in the US is still only done in poor neighborhoods.

10. Bio Building. Lego is researching a pivot to make its billions of bricks out of corn and wheat, instead of petroleum-based plastic.  I think this is the memo that Shell must have gotten. (WSJ)


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