10 in 90 - Week of February 20

We are adding to our podcast arsenal with a debrief of each week in sustainability news that caught our attention.  The news will be read by Jib Ellison and released to all podcatchers each Friday, with blurbs and links to the stories appearing here.

1.       Breath and weep. The air is consistently worse in major cities in India than in major cities in China. Both places suck and are getting worse. (New York Times)

2.       On a positive note. A recently released “Youth Solutions Report” showcases 50 youth-led projects linked to realizing the Sustainable Development Goals. Cool projects like Arbio, which focuses on having local people fall in love with their rainforests. And Wintervacht, where co-founder Yoni’s mom suggested she make a coat out of old wool blankets for her boyfriend Manon. They’re now leading a reuse movement in Netherlands (Youth Solutions Report)

3.       Sailing away. According to a recent Greenbiz survey of more than 400 companies, 60% will stay the course even with Trump administration headwinds, while another third say they’re going to need to tack somewhat.

4.       Jobs, jobs, jobs. Nexus media tells us that a former Navy officer who earned a Bronze Star while serving in Afghanistan, Nat Kreamer,  who is now Chair of Solar Energy Industries Association, has committed to hiring 50,000 vets by 2020.  (Nexus Media)

5.       Fake fake news. The NYTs reports that a retired government scientist blasted his former boss on a blog, which then got reinterpreted as proof of climate conspiracy. “How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data,” the Daily Mail headline said.  The scientific community swiftly shot down the accusations and affirmed the accuracy of the research. (New York Times)

6.       The end of facts. According to Joe Brewer on a recent blog post in Medium, Humanity is on the brink of another Dark Age and we had better prepare our knowledge stores for what is coming.

7.       Proof that California is another planet. Fast Company tells us that Kevin de León, the leader of California’s state Senate, has introduced a bill that would transition the country's most populous state to 100% clean energy by 2045, and require hitting the 50% mark by 2025.  (Fast Company)

8.       Can you say ‘deregulation’? Someone at the NYTs read 6000 pages Scott Pruitt’s emails when he was Attorney General of Oklahoma. Their findings? Our new head of the EPA closely coordinated with major oil and gas producers, electric utilities and political groups to roll back environmental regulations. Despite this, the emails are unlikely to cause Mr. Pruitt significant new problems. (New York Times)

9.       It's official, we’re in the geologic history books. WESLEY YANG, in the NYT magazine, explores whether the coining of the term for the “Age of Man” – The Anthropocene – is good science, or simply good politics. (New York Times Magazine)

10.   Market making. In a world first,  Laureate Education, a higher education company, and a legal B Corporation raised $490 million in its initial public offering. B Corps by law don’t have to maximize shareholder value. This shift has the power to make positive impacts on communities and the planet in ways that governments can't or won't. (Shareable)

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