Episode 9 of the Blu Skye Podcast - Jennie Bernstein


Here are a few of the ideas you can expect to hear about on this episode:

  • Jennie is hopeful about starting a career in sustainability despite the current political atmosphere, because, "it might be grasping just for a really convenient silver lining but I would like to think that there's going to be doors opening in places that we wouldn't have expected to see opening where this is not our political reality"

  • Jennie is pursuing a career in sustainable urban planning because she sees that path as having a profound impact on both environmental and social justice. Saying "approaching sustainability without an understanding of humans as a part of nature really undermines a lot of the potential ."
  • On our political divides, she strongly believes in "the power of dialogue and conversation and analysis and sharing of knowledge that can bridge that polarity" 
  • She would love to see us scale down our efforts, and focus on local communities, rather than trying to force ourselves to look at our national biases all at once.
  • Jennie is very interested in the concepts of adaptation and resilience.

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